Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
with Anne Soulet

8-week sessions

Open to all


Centre de Yoga
3 rue Henri Revoil
30900 – Nîmes, France

Information and Registration:

Anne Soulet
Telephone: 04 66 84 72 15

Dates: the next session starts in February 2011.

Rates and accepted methods of payment

350 Euros cash or cheque. You can also pay by electronic transfer.
Payment must be made in full on the day of registration
Persons of very low-income: lower rates may be available

The sessions include:

- a weekly group sitting, 2½ hours in length
- a day of silent practice in group
- daily homework lasting 45 mns to one hour
- 4 CDs to guide you at home, which you may download

Main features:

- Mindfulness of body and breath.
- Bodyscan: exploration of the body with your mind's eyes.
- mindfulness/consciousness of thoughts, emotions and sensations arising and passing away.
- Appreciation of the "being" mode rather than "doing" mode without any purpose in mind. Realization that motivation resulting from repulsion or attachment-based desire encourages unconscious and possibly destructive cognitive habits.

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