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You may listen to these audio recordings at home, whenever you have chosen to stop all daily activities to calm down and allow for some intimacy with yourself. They will guide your practice, but keep in mind they cannot replace first hand teachings and programs found on the website.
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About the Shakuhachi

The shakuhachi is a vertical bamboo flute originally played by a group of wandering monks in Japan, and used as a vehicle for concentration. Each breath is a phrase; long exhalation of breaths and pauses to breathe create a meditative atmosphere meant to conduce the listener beyond the passing away of all things to a recognition of something greater.

Elizabeth Reian Bennett is the first woman to be certified a Grand Master of the shakuhachi, which she has studied with Living National Treasure Aoki Reibo for over 30 years. Since her debut recital in Tokyo in 1984, Reian Bennett has performed in Japan and worldwide, from Australia and Europe to Mexico, Afghanistan and the United States. Her CD entitled Song of the True Hand, was nominated 'Instrumental Album of the Year' by Jon Sobel at Blogcritics Magazine. She teaches privately in the Boston area and through the world music program at Tufts University. Reian Bennett’s next CD is a set of compositions for the shakuhachi written for her by Tufts composer John McDonald.

Song of the True Hand is available at

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